We specialize in the production of ice cream sticks. We reach export embrace the whole world.

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About us

Plant Production - Commercial „EKO-TOCZEK” Toczek Franciszek It was established in 1993. In 1999 the company expanded its activity to provide carpentry services as a subsidiary of the Austrian plant in Poland. In the initial period of the plant dealt mainly produces windows for export. With time, our offer is systematically expanded. We started the production of doors and internal windows - aluminum and wooden shutters. Our specialty has become the woodwork unusual, tailored to the individual needs of each client. Strong interest in our products caused that started production on the domestic market. Thanks to a special production process, paints the highest quality and reputable okuciom we manage to get a product that is not only resistant to atmospheric conditions for many years, but also interacts with the entire exterior of your home. We can firmly say that the doors of our performance are the pride of every home. We are currently expanding operations to the production of ice cream sticks, sticks medical, cosmetic and other according to customer orders.


1 Supply of wood
From the friendly suppliers we supply the logs birch and beech, which meets our quality requirements.

2 Preparation of wood under the dimension
Raw materials after a careful selection is cut to size.

3 Wood drying
Under appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity the drying takes raw material.

4 Project sticks
It is prepared design and programming machines for cutting sticks according to the specific shape and dimension.

5 Cutting sticks
On a special machine sticks are cut according to the agreed project.

6 Quality control
Quality control is carried out after a few stages. Preliminary immediately after production sticks to determine if the stick is suitable for further processing.
In the post-production control engaged a special robot, equipped with cameras and sensors accurate.

7 Firing characters (optional)
On skewers thermally printed lettering or logo.

8 Milling, polishing (optional)
At the customer's request, to obtain high-quality sticks, subject them to further workings. Milling removes sharp edges of corners, remove all splinters and burrs. Polishing makes the stick has a smooth surface.

9 Warehouse
Waiting for shipping, sticks are stored in the warehouse, where the conditions are met in temperature and humidity.

10 Shipment
Goods are delivered to the customer.

Our sticks

They do not break.

They have a smooth surface.

They are tasteless,

Burr-free and without splinters.


All sticks are made from beech or birch.

Sticks simple

Sticks simple produced in lengths of 93mm, 94mm, 113mm, 114mm.


Sticks rounded

We produce sticks half round and round.


Sticks tsp


Firing patterns

Upon request, we print any pattern thermally.

Sticks medical

Sticks-off for doctors and dentists.

Any shape

We produce flat sticks in various sizes and shapes. We carry out individual projects.